19 May - 21 May 2008

Vienna International Airport, Office Park 3
Hotelstrasse 1-3
1300 Flughafen Wien

Conference languages are English and German.

Because of
  • the geographical position of Vienna International Airport in Central Europe,Image
  • its ideal motorway connection to Eastern and Western Europe,
  • the wide range of flight destinations,
  • the airport's transfer function especially towards the East,
  • its whole infrastructure having been adapted to fit next years' needs and
  • its leading position in passenger and cargo transport
you can really call it the "Airport of Central Europe". The distance from the airport to the city centre of Vienna is about 20 km. With buses, commuter trains and the City Airport Train (CAT) you can reach the airport in 16 to max. 25 minutes.

In recent years, Vienna and its surrounding areas have experienced a boom in real estate development. Real estate objects at Vienna International Airport offer a unique range of services based on adjacent traffic and infrastructure facilities. As a site, Vienna International Airport can be a "springboard" to the East for a wide variety of companies.

  • Vienna International Airport offers flights to the most eastern destinations (32 in Eastern Europe), second only to Frankfurt.
  • Employees at Vienna International Airport have extensive specialized knowledge of East European and Asian markets.
  • Prices and terms for the rental of offices and warehouses at Vienna International Airport are favourable in international comparison.
  • The importance of Vienna International Airport as a site is increased significantly by airport operations and synergy effects generated by the 240 companies currently located here.
  • Companies situated at Vienna International Airport profit from advantages such as the airport address, infrastructure and logistics.
  • Vienna International Airport offers opportunities for expansion and available road, rail and air capacity.
  • Vienna International Airport is renowned for its impressive and outstanding architecture, which will be consistently developed in the future.
  • Vienna International Airport ranks above average for on-time flights - an important factor for companies with a large number of business travellers.