In places where many people come together, information and knowledge is exchanged and new ideas are created. Airports, train stations and motorway rest areas are not only transportation hubs, but rapidly develop as innovation hubs because:

  • many people with different needs and ideas interact and take new ideas into the world;
  • the reliable functioning of such hubs has to be ensured so they can foster technical development;
  • urban and transportation planning, architecture and real estate development face special challenges.

Transportation hubs rapidly develop as business centres, "airport cities" are noteworthy examples of this development. REAL CORP 008 focuses on the mobility hubs of the 21st century:

  • How can the role of transport hubs as innovation hubs be improved?
  • Which technologies ensure the reliable functioning of the hubs and where is further improvement needed?
  • How can anticipatory planning ensure the sustainable development of those structures?
  • How can unintentional spatial development be avoided?
  • How can environmental issues be dealt with?