20 May - 23 May 2013

Acquario Romano
(House of Architecture)
Piazza Manfred Fanti 47, 00185 Rome

Conference languages are English, Italian, and German.

REAL CORP 2013 took place at Acquario Romano, a historic building right in the centre of Rome.

Acquario Romano was designed by Ettore Bernich and built between 1885 and 1887. Only for a few years it hosted an aquaristic show; the project failed only little later. Then, the building was used as storage room of the nearby Opera House. Besides that, it temporarily served as venue for fairs and exhibitions.

As a typical building from the era of King Umberto I. it has a circular shape surrounded by a portico. It combines classical architecture with requirements of the periode of its erection. Between the sculptures there are decorative elements with marine motives. The cylindrical building is structured by lesenes and pilasters.

The use as storage facility ended in 1984 when the renovation works started which were funded by the city administration. Almost all of the initial design elements could be preserved. Now the building is usable as museum and event facility und cutrrently hosts the House of Architecture.

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