REAL CORP 2009 asks for future perspectives of cities under the general topic "CITIES 3.0: SMART, SUSTAINABLE, INTEGRATIVE. Strategies, concepts and technologies for planning the urban future"

Although major parts of the world are blessed to live in peace and economic wealth at the beginning of the 21st century, the world is facing serious challenges like

  • climate change and environmental issues as well as rising energy consumption and competition on scarce natural resources,
  • ongoing globalisation with fundamental changes in economic and working environment around the globe,
  • demographic changes, like aging population in Europe and rapid urbanisation in Asia.

In a changing world cities have to advance and to adopt to stay what they are and have always been:

  • drivers of innovation and social improvements,
  • centers of economic activities, science, knowledge and arts,
  • and the best places to live for the vast majority of people.

REAL CORP 2009 deals with the challenges and perspectives for cities and asks how they might look like and be organized and managed in the future, with a special focus on the role of information and communications technologies in urban development. The major questions to be dealt with at the conference in April 2009 and related to which we invite your contributions are:

  • What makes cities smart, sustainable and integrative and livable?
  • How can cities and regions take advantage of globalisation and keep their local character - how to "gLOCALize"?
  • How can planners help cities find the way to a successful future?
  • Government, governance, mediation, participation and planning - are there models for short-term and long-term perspectives?
  • Are there technologies that can support the above-mentioned goals?
  • Are there best practises for "livable cities of tomorrow"?