CORP - Podiumsdiskussion
CORP Symposions are held annually since 1996 and have become a major european conference dealing with impacts of information- and communication technologies on urban and spatial planning. New possibilties for using technology as planning and administrative support tools, perspectives of planning disciplines within the “information society” as well as “the future of geographical space” are presented and discussed.


CORP addresses key actors in administration, politics and management, consultants, planners, service providers, researchers and students involved in “spatial thinking”.

CORP is an interdisciplinary event with participants coming from various fields, e.g. spatial planning, geography, economy, transportation, computer science, architecture, human and social sciences, surveying and much more, with a common interest in “geo-spatial relations”.



Hier finden Sie die Beiträge der CORP 2003
Here you can find all papers of CORP 2003